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We have a local guide we share with all our guests to help you get the most of your stay at Lively Lane House. If there's anything we can do to make your stay more enjoyable, just let us know.

Dine in Style

Central Oregon is a mecca for good times & good eats. The international food scene has exploded in recent years, too. A5 wagyu steaks are popping off, Argentinian-style bratwursts are on-trend, and northern Thai delights are top-tier. If you’re a Lively Lane guest, you’ll get our exclusive guide with a curated list of spots to check out between hikes and ski trips for food, bevs, and fun times. Any questions? Hit us up.

Explore the amazing restaurants of central Oregon
Relax with a delicious cocktail

Drink and Chill

There’s nothing quite like a refreshing, ice-cold cocktail at the end of the day. Here in Oregon, there are plenty of local watering holes to choose from. The hip town of Bend is dotted with cocktail bars, lounges, and secretive speakeasy-esque locales. Don’t even get us started on the endless breweries serving up some of the best beverages around. Overwhelmed by the options? We’ll help you navigate the bar and brewery scene with our curated guide.

Play All Day

Rest assured: when you book this tucked-away yet convenient home, you’ll have no trouble filling an itinerary. Central Oregon is one of the most sought-after outdoor playgrounds – and for good reason. Explore deserts, volcanoes, ponderosa forests, mountains, and stunning waterfalls with Lively Lane as your home base. In the wintertime, our close proximity to Mt. Bachelor means you can send it on a full day of pow with your friends & family, and chill + grill post-hot tub afterward. Let the good times roll.

So much nature to explore
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